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Everything you need to know about where it all started

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Life's moments – welcoming a new chapter, celebrating life's journey, or bidding farewell to a loved one – these ceremonies aren't just another template. They're uniquely yours, and they deserve to be treated as such.

That's where I step in. I'm all about weaving your story with care, passion, and an eye for detail. Writing and storytelling have been my passions from day one. With a curious mind that loves diving into what makes people tick, I'm your go-to for crafting something extraordinary.

A 20+ year career of transforming customer experiences in the corporate world, bagging business awards, and writing for major brands like Dulux and ASOS has shaped me. Whether it's mental health workshops, heartfelt eulogies, or filling the air with choir harmonies, I've mastered the art of holding an audience's attention.

But here's the deal – I'm not here to hog the spotlight. I'm here to amplify your story, your cause, your voice. That's where my heart truly lies.

Becoming a celebrant clicked for me during a wedding choir performance. The joy in the couple's eyes, the laughter, the happy tears – it was electric. That's when I realized I could help others feel that way too.

Trained with the Academy of Modern Celebrancy, I've honed my skills to craft and deliver unforgettable ceremonies. These are moments that light up your guests' faces and make them wonder if I'm an old friend. That's the goal – creating memories that linger.

Is it time for your story to take center stage? Get in touch today, and let's start crafting a ceremony that's purely you.

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