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Why Planning Your Funeral Ahead of Time is the Ultimate Life Hack

Hey there, fabulous folks! Let's talk about something a bit different today – planning your funeral. Yes, you heard me right! Now, before you start scrolling away thinking, "Who wants to talk about funerals?" – hear me out.

You might feel like you're way too young to be thinking about death or dying, and the idea of planning your final send-off before you've even really started living might sound a tad morbid, but trust me, it's the ultimate life hack. Here's why:

1. Take the Stress Off Your Loved Ones:

Life has a funny way of throwing unexpected curveballs. When you’re young, fit and healthy it’s easy to think you’ve got loads of time. But the reality is, one day you could be living your best life, sipping cocktails on a beach in the Caribbean, and then suddenly - bam! - something unexpected happens that changes the course of your life, and your loved ones forever. Whilst it’s not the ideal scenario (I know I definitely plan to grow old enough to be one of those grumpy old ladies throwing shade at the youth of today), having a funeral plan in place means your nearest and dearest aren’t going to be scrambling to organise everything & guessing about what you'd have wanted, whilst also dealing with their own shock and grief.

Planning ahead is like handing them a ready-made instruction manual on how to celebrate your life (and also, what to do with your body). Just knowing the answers to those questions can go a really long way to reducing stress on your loved ones, freeing them up to look after their wellbeing & focus on processing their loss.

2. Ensure Your Wishes Are Met:

You know that playlist you've been curating for years? Or that specific poem that always brings a tear to your eye? Or perhaps there’s a song that you hate so much you’d promise to come back and haunt anyone that ever played it in your memory? (Hello Abba - I'm looking at you!)

Well, we all have unique quirks, passions and preferences that make us who we are. By planning your funeral in advance you have the opportunity to ensure your wishes are heard loud and clear (and if you don’t know what your wishes are yet, it gives you some thinking time too).

3. Save Some Pennies:

Funerals can be pricey affairs, and leaving the financial burden on your loved ones is not exactly the legacy you want to leave behind. Planning ahead gives you the chance to explore your options, consider your budget and compare prices.

The cost of living is going up year-on-year, and so is the cost of dying. Many funeral directors have started offering pre-payment packages, promising to secure you todays prices for the future. But even simply stashing away a little fund of your own can be a great way to help set your family up for your "closing party".

But even if you're not in a position to save, even just getting an understanding of how funerals work & how much the different elements cost is a small gesture with a big impact, ensuring your farewell doesn't leave behind any unnecessary financial worries.

4. Leave a Lasting Legacy:

Your funeral isn't just about saying goodbye – it's about leaving a lasting legacy that reflects who you were and the impact you had on this world. Every one of us leaves a legacy, even if we don't quite see it for ourselves. By planning ahead, you can craft a ceremony that truly embodies your spirit, values, and passions, ensuring that your memory lives on in the hearts and minds of those you leave behind.

So, there you have it – planning your funeral ahead of time might just be the ultimate act of self-care and consideration for your loved ones. Plus, let's be honest, who doesn't love a bit of party planning, even if it's for the ultimate send-off? So go on, grab a glass of your favourite tipple, put on some tunes, and start planning the party of a lifetime – your very own funeral!

Ready to take the plunge into funeral planning? Get in touch with me today to explore your options. After all, it's never too early to plan the party of a lifetime – even if it's your own! 🎉


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