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Celebrant Weddings: Craft Your Dream Wedding, Your Way!

Updated: Apr 3

Hey there! Weddings are all about celebrating love and commitment, and more couples today want a ceremony that truly reflects their unique relationship. That's where a wedding celebrant comes in!

hand-fasting elopement ceremony
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When I first became an independent celebrant my friends and family understood straight away what a celebrant does at funerals and namings', but they weren't so clued up on celebrant-led weddings . In fact, the two things people most frequently said were "So does that mean you're a humanist then?" and "is being a Celebrant just the same as being a Registrar?". The answer in both cases is no - so I've pulled this post together to explain what makes a celebrant wedding so special, how it differs from a civil ceremony (one with a registrar), and and shed light on the differences between independent and humanist celebrants.

Celebrant Weddings: Unleashing Your Love Story!

Let's make your wedding day truly unforgettable, shall we? Celebrant weddings are all about turning your beautiful love story into a bespoke ceremony. Picture this: custom vows, meaningful rituals, and your favorite music and readings. A celebrant is your go-to person, working closely with you to create something that screams 'You!'. Traditional, funky, multicultural, or anything in between – your celebrant will make it happen.

photo of bride and groom hands with wedding rings at a celebrant wedding ceremony

Getting to know Civil Ceremonies:

While celebrant weddings offer a personalised touch, civil ceremonies are legally binding ceremonies that adhere to specific legal requirements. Civil ceremonies usually take place at a registry office or an approved venue, conducted by a registrar.

Depending on the county, you might only meet the person officiating your wedding 15 minutes before your ceremony, and as they're super busy doing lots of ceremonies in the same day they're the masters of time keeping (So you need to make sure you're running a tight ship, as there's no wiggle room for being fashionably late, or Granny getting stuck in a traffic jam!)

While civil ceremonies lack the flexibility of celebrant weddings, they are still pretty cool if that's your vibe! Couples often opt for a civil ceremony when they prefer a simple event with a focus on legality rather than their uniqueness, or if they want to get their legal bits done before shooting off somewhere exotic for a wedding day in the sun.

wedding ceremony arch for outdoor weddings in oxfordshire

Humanist Celebrants: Celebrating Love through Shared Values

Humanist celebrants are trained wedding pros who are the absolute champions of non-religious ceremonies.

Humanism focuses on the value of human beings, ethics and embracing our common humanity rather than religious beliefs. They create gorgeous ceremonies within the bounds of Humanist beliefs, and have much of the same flexibility and creative license as an Independent Celebrant.

So, if you're all about celebrating love while leaving all religious traditions aside, a Humanist celebrant could be the perfect fit for you.

fun wedding ceremony in oxfordshire

Independent Celebrants: Your wedding, your rules!

Now we're talking total freedom folks! Independent celebrants, like me, are wedding pros skilled in crafting unique and meaningful ceremonies. We aren't bound by religious affiliations, and we aren't confined by the same legal boundaries as our registrar friends. This means you can have your wedding wherever, whenever and however you like.

Want your dog to walk you down the aisle? Go for it!

Fancy writing your own wedding vows? I can help with that!

Want to include a nod to your religion or spirituality, without it becoming the main character? I've got you! Always dreamed of getting married at night under the stars? We can make that happen! Want to toast your wedding with a tequila shot? I've got the lemon and salt!

You get the picture.

Independent Celebrants like me are here to craft the wedding ceremony of your dreams, just the way you want it. We're great listeners, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere while guiding you through the process step by step. Your wedding, your way – that's our motto!

How do I choose the right ceremony for me?

Civil ceremonies are great for simplicity and legal requirements, where as Independent celebrants and Humanist celebrants specialise in crafting personalised ceremonies for couples, each with their unique approach.

As an Independent Celebrant I believe in couples choice - that means you need to pick what feels right for you. By helping you understanding the differences, you can make an informed choice to ensure your wedding ceremony is a beautiful, heartfelt, and memorable celebration of your love.

If you'd like to find out how I can help bring your dreams to life, book a free discovery call.

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